Sunday, May 24, 2009

Book One Finished: Blink

Just a day after my first blog, I have my first book finished. Okay, I started earlier, but still within a week. I read Malcom Gladwell's Blink and I highly recommend it. Gladwell pulls in an amazing amount of information on how we make decisions quickly. The most interesting part to me was in an interview with him at the end of the book where he notes that he never uses the word "intution" because those decisions are really intelligent. Of course, now that we know why we decide what we do, we need to address those areas of concern. Racism plays a big role in a number of decisions, so we have a lot of work to do. Gladwell's interesting idea at the end is to not wait for all of us to catch up with the way we should be, but create structures which eliminate our stereotypes before they can interfere with rational judment.

I split my reading into five sections, which is probably how I'll approach most of this. I know there will always be a couple of days where reading is not possible, but less than five puts the reading load a bit too high for some nights.

In the future I'll discuss types of books which I will or will not read. But for now, it is off to Zorba the Greek. I've read this before and note that if you have not entered Nikos Kazantzakis' world, then you have some great reading ahead of you. I'll be teaching this book this fall so I'm reading it with a new perspective.

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