Saturday, May 23, 2009

One Book One Week One Year -- The Rationale

I would describe myself as a reader. I read magazines, newspapers, online articles, blogs, cereal boxes, and anything else that is not moving too fast. I also read books, but for the past several years I feel like I'm slipping from where I want to be in reading. There are plenty of books I want to read -- I just never get to them.

I've got great excuses. First, a family. By the time everyone is asleep and things are picked up it is 10pm; a book serves as a great reason to fall asleep! Plus, I have a busy job with unpredictable hours so finding a routine is challenging. In addition to that job, I teach a writing course for first-year students in college and that also takes a lot of time.

But I've decided those are excuses. Typically I like to "start small" so I considered taking my 12-15 books per year and doubling it. A book every two weeks is manageable. But I want to be challenged. So I've decided to read one book each week for the next year. No excuses. Of course, I may fail, but it will not be for lack of trying.

Which explains why I add my first ever blog to an already busy schedule. I want accountability for what I'm doing. If I'm public about my goal, I'll have more reason to pursue it. So follow along. I'm just about at the end of my first book (Malcolm Gladwell's Blink) and I'll post some thoughts. But I expect to write more about how I'm doing it rather than giving 52 book reviews.

And yes, I know for many people a book a week is no big deal. My oldest son knocks off a few books every week and my oldest daughter must finish at least one per week (and she is not one for "easy reads.") I commend everyone who already does one I'm attempting to do. So feel free to follow along, offer tips, send encouragement, and recommend books!

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